URL for new or renewing Digital Signature

A "Class III digital signature with organization name" is required for uploading documents in the Collaboration Area as well as for submitting bids by bidders. The digital signatures are issued by designated Certifying Authorities (CA) duly authorized by CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities). You may get a new Digital Signature / renew your signature through any of the following CAs:

1. e-Mudhra For NTPC Vendors: https://www.e-mudhra.com/ntpc/
For NTPC employees: https://www.e-mudhra.com/ntpcemployee/index.html   
2. (n)Code Solutions https://www.ncodesolutions.com/
3. Safescrypt https://www.safescrypt.com/drupal/?q=RCAI%20Class%203%20Certificate
4. TCS-CA https://www.tcs-ca.tcs.com


The driver for e-token, CCA & CA certificates can also be downloaded from these sites. Further details related to digital signatures can be obtained from CCA website www.cca.gov.in